The Fallow Deer family grows yet again!

Our Fallow Deer family here at Woodlands Family Theme Park, near Dartmouth, has grown yet again!

There are currently 3 precious Fallow Fawns now exploring the paddock alongside their mothers. Although they are still very shy we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the newborns through the mist this morning!

The Animal Keeper at Woodlands Zoo-Farm said ‘’We started with just three females when the Fallow Deer arrived at Woodlands and it’s very exciting to add to the family each year. The first fawn was born last week, the second on Monday and the third in last 24 hours!’’

The Fallow Deer is native to Western Eurasia but has also been introduced in North America and Australia plus fun fact, the Fallow is the only British deer with palmate antlers. Our Fallow Deer herd can be seen in our outdoor paddock as you travel down our main entrance towards the car park. The herd are very protective when newborns are around so the newborns may be well hidden. The Fallow Deer love their occasional treats like carrots and apples, an extra to their main diet of ground vegetation.

Guests can visit the new Fallow Deer family at Woodlands Zoo-Farm. The fawns are not the only new arrivals to the Zoo-Farm. We have recently welcomed some Dexter Cattle and are expecting more babies throughout the Zoo-Farm over the coming months. Make sure you keep an eye on the Woodlands Facebook Page for more news and photos of other new arrivals in the park.