Start as you mean to go on – your family day out of action and fun starts here!

Action Track One

This is the first of the many towers you can climb at Woodlands, you will find lots to entertain the family here with an adventure designed for every age group. Disappear into one of the Big Tubes and leave your buddies gasping. The Waterfall is a slide with a difference as it catches you out with its unexpected dips.  A great track with monkey bars, balancing challenges and lots of tricky surprises before you complete this great course.

Action Track One

Smugglers Ball Pool

One of the parks favourites. It has been here for many years and continues to be a favourite all weather attraction at the park. This ball pool provides endless amounts of fun with thousands of balls to immerse yourself in and it even has its own slide to launch yourself into the multicoloured balls.
Health & Safety: Min 110cm – Max 140cm.

Playing in Ball Pool

Triple Drop Slide

This is Devon’s original drop slide and with three levels of slides to choose from, it’s still the best. The first Drop is a steep one, at the second you sit there catching your breath before you leap. But the third, that’s a monster and only the bravest will take off into its menacing depths. But Wow it’s fun.

Girl on Drop Slide

Slide Crazy

Slides, slides and more slides. Slide Crazy in the Action Zone has so many to choose from you wont know which one to go down first. In all of Woodlands Theme Park you wouldn’t believe how many we have from tube slides to death slides, wavy slides to ball pool slides. It’s slide heaven at Woodlands Park in Devon. We have 25 indoors & 32 outdoors! Can you find them and go down them all in one day?