Get closer to your favourite animals!

The Woodlands Zoo Farm is home to loads of amazing animals, some of which can be handled and observed up close by guests at our Zoo Farm Activities.

Chick petting animal activity


From reptiles to ferrets you can get closer to some of our extraordinary animals and gain knowledge about their daily lives on the farm.

Animal Handling


Gently handle some of the zoo farms friendliest inhabitants from rabbits to guinea pigs, with the help of our zoo farm experts.

Meerkat Feeding


Witness one of our most mischievous animals at feeding time with meerkat feeding demonstrations at the meerkat house.

Animal activities vary depending on the day. Check the Zoo Farm blackboard or ask a member of the Zoo Farm Team to find out what activities are happening on the day of your visit. There is no extra cost to participate in animal activities when visiting Woodlands.