Woodlands Charity Policy

Woodlands Family Theme Park is proud to be involved in a wide range of projects across the community.

We would love to support all charities and organisations that contact us for raffle prizes but as a family run business and due to the hundreds of requests we get each week it is not always possible for us to support individual causes. Due to this we apologise but independent fundraiser requests will not be considered at this time.

Torbay Holiday Helpers Network www.thhn.co.uk

The Torbay Holiday Helpers Network is a network of hotels, tourist attractions and businesses all committed to helping give away free holidays and experiences to families who have terminally ill, seriously ill and recently lost children in conjunction with the National Alliance of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations.

The network is currently very young and still growing everyday with new members joining on a regular basis; our aim is to give as many holidays and experiences away to these families as possible.

Can your business help? Even if you offer just one holiday, meal, day out or excursion you are helping a very worthy cause and in the event that this may be one of the last breaks a family will ever have together (for some families) then you are helping them store up some very precious memories for dark times ahead.