Guinea Pig babies just in time for re-opening!

Brand new Guinea Pig additions born Wednesday 15th July 2020!

Perfect timing for the Theme Park and Campsite re-opening after a 3 month closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A welcome positive addition to the Zoo-Farm. Mum Oreo is relatively new to Woodlands and still a little shy, however she is taking to being a first time mum very well. The Zoo-Farm team have named the Guinea Pig pups Pumpkin and Squash!

Did you know?

Guinea Pig babies are able to run just 4 hours after birth!

Males are called boars, females are sows and babies are called pups.

The average life span is between 7-9 years, although the oldest recorded was 15!



You can see our new arrivals, quietly, in the Rabbit & Guinea Pig barn at the Zoo-Farm.