Not 1 but 2, brand new arrivals at Woodlands Family Theme Park’s Zoo-Farm!

Its been a busy September already at the Zoo-Farm here at Woodlands.

First came a lovely little Shetland pony foal on the 2nd September and then followed by a baby Alpaca on the 12th September 2019!


Mother to our foal is Adele, who is a miniature Shetland Pony. She was born in 2005 and loves a groom and cuddle with our keepers. Look out for her information image in the Big Green Barn, we are hoping it will be followed by a lovely picture of our foal once we have decided on a name for her!

One of the most well known Shetland pony facts is that they are one of the smallest horses on earth. They come from the Shetland Isles in Scotland and did you know Shetlands were originally domesticated for pulling carts and carrying peat and coal.

Now on to the Alpaca’s. A baby Alpaca is called a Cria and ours is a lovely chocolate brown colour which follows the colouring of her father. Alpacas breed once a year and have a gestation period of 242 to 345 days and then gives birth to just one offspring. So, we are very lucky to have our new arrival.

Both new arrivals can be seen at the Zoo-Farm along with their mothers in our outdoor paddocks. Whilst we love showing off our new arrivals please remember they are new and settling into Woodlands life.