Hidden deep in the woods you will find the Arctic Zone. This zone has everything from the white knuckle Avalanche ride to the massive Commando Course, there’s something for all ages.

Avalanche Ride

There are no tricks on this ride. Sitting on a plastic tray you are projected down a precipice at 50 kilometres an hour. It feels like you will tip over into space but you hit the water at the bottom and you are safe. Grab your tray and run for another go, there isn’t a ride anywhere else quite like this.
Health & Safety: Min 140cm. Single Rider Only.

Avalanche Ride and Arctic Gliders

Arctic Gliders

This ride is a laugh, but don’t let the blue and red stripes fool you into thinking this is just for little kids! You’ll have to hang on hard it’s a long steep slope. The water carries you fast and you’ll scream all the way down, but it’s fun and you’ll laugh all the way back up the hill to go again.
Health & Safety: Min 110cm. Single Rider Only. Max 16 stone. Max 16 yrs.

Arctic Gliders Ride

Polar Pilots

Designed to give little kids hi-flying fun as they whirl round and wave to Mum & Dad. Safe on the ends of chains it gives small members of the family their own special thrill.
Health & Safety: Min 80cm – Max 140cm.

Polar Pilots Ride

The Marines Commando Course

This is a quarter mile of sweat with 15 major challenges rarely found on a course outside a marine camp. You’ll need strength, guts and determination to tackle The Mines, the Man Trap and the body challenging Vault Nets. You can show Mum/Dad who’s champion as you flash past them on the Balance Run to win. You are the Champion Commando!

Action Track One Landscape

Whistle Stop Junction

This complex is such fun for under sixes, themed on a railway station it has a big wooden train and a wealth of imaginative play. Exploring the Signal Box, disappearing down the slides and interactive play with Mum or Dad is great. Little ones can balance, climb and safely swing while imagining they are the driver of the Woodlands Express.
Health & Safety: Max 110cm.

Champion Pedal Karts

Well worth the time for something which is different and fun. You and your buddies can have real fun discovering who is the champion of the track on these pedal chasing Karts. It’s tuff, it’s ruff but its good family fun.
Health & Safety: Age 6-12 years.