THROUGH THE YEARS: Celebrating 35 Years of Smiles and Adventures

Welcome to Woodlands Family Theme Park, where the thrill of adventure meets the charm of nostalgia. As we proudly celebrate our 35th birthday in 2024, we reflect on the countless unforgettable days we’ve delivered to our cherished visitors. Join us on a journey through time as we step back, exploring the rich history of Woodlands through a captivating collection of past and present photos. Get ready to recall and create new memories in the place where every visit is a celebration.

  • In 1971, the Bendall family bought a 200-acre dairy farm.
  • 1989, turned the farmland  into Woodlands Family Theme Park
  • 1996/1997,  expanded with Falcons View, its second Caravan Park, and introduced the first indoor play complex—a big moment in the park’s growth.
  • 1999 saw the addition of two exciting attractions: Tango Trolls Mystic Maze and Arctic Gliders. Exciting news: In 2024, the Mystic Maze is getting a makeover for a brand new adventure!
  • 2000, we introduced “The Empire of the Sea Dragon,” featuring five levels of play equipment and rides. 
  •  In 2001, we underwent a major upgrade with the introduction of the Master Blaster Indoor Center. This modern facility replaced old equipment, offering guests a thrilling indoor entertainment experience.
  • In 2002, a new water attraction, the Water Zapping Bumper Boats, was introduced. Additionally, 2002 marked a significant milestone with our first expansion beyond Woodlands, as we opened Twinlakes Park in Leicestershire.
  • 2003 – 2006, we added a wave of excitement with the installation of major rides. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Tugboat, a thrilling experience, became a standout attraction during this period. For the younger ones, the Circus Train Ride provided a delightful journey, while the Avalanche Ride offered a huge drop water adventure for older children and adults. The park also catered to younger children with additional rides like the Dune Buggy Ride, Sand Diggers and Polar Pilot Ride. The ever popular Charlotte, our shire horse, was born during this period in 2005. 
  • 2007, a new chapter unfolded with the opening of the Zoo Farm complex, with a  mix of animals, ranging from farmyard favorites to exotic reptiles. The expansion continued with the opening  of Wheelgate Park in Nottinghamshire later that September.
  • 2008 marked the introduction of the Swing Ship ride, providing visitors with a thrilling “white knuckle” experience. 
  • In 2009, the Seascape Mirror Maze and  Ninja Towers Play Zone became a mesmerizing addition to the park, creating an immersive visual experience and an interactive play zone. 
  • In 2010, the Safari Adventure Golf opened its doors. Ninja Towers expanded by including Mini Ninja Playtime.
  • In 2013,  the Fantasy Forest, an enchanting adventure nestled within the park’s woods, was introduced.
  •  2016, the DinoTrek offered an amazing experience with life-size dinosaur replicas and interactive educational settings. The Farmyard Ride got a makeover, providing a leisurely tour around a farm-themed area. Also, the Zoo Farm expanded with the addition of the Jumping Pillow.
  • 2017, the Vertigo attraction and the Father Christmas Grotto opened, offering an immersive experience for children to visit Santa Claus in a festive setting. 
  •  2018, introduced  new interactive Dino
  • 2019, celebrated our 30th birthday with a special show.
  • 2021, introduced a brand-new and enhanced Christmas Grotto building
  • In 2023, the DinoTrek underwent renovations, introducing new, life-like animatronic dinosaurs to enhance the prehistoric adventure. The TugBoat also found a new home with upgraded theming.
  • 2024, Follow our social media channels to find out about the latest attraction coming to Woodlands… information on the way soon!

At Woodlands Family Theme Park, we’re all about family fun! With our welcoming design and exciting attractions, we’re always working to make things even better. Get ready for more thrilling adventures in the future, as each visit will be better than the last. Woodlands is here to create lasting memories for everyone, now and in the future.