Devon Falconry centre

Woodlands Falconry Centre is one of the best in the UK. The indoor aviaries and outdoor flying ground are superb. They are designed not only to show off these beautiful birds but to give them the most comfortable and natural conditions as possible. The Zoo inspectors said the weathering’s are some of the best they have seen in the country. Woodlands Falconry Centre is home to a large selection magnificent birds of prey. From the small little owl Peppa to Malachite the Indian Tawny Eagle.

Please Note: During the Winter the Falconry Centre is open for you to view all the Birds of Prey but there will be no flying displays.


Two adorable Burrowing Owls were hatched at Woodlands Family Theme Park located near Dartmouth. Click here for the full story. 

Group Hawk Talks

To give a dash of wild interaction book a Falconry Group Talk. Your group will not be disappointed as the highly skilled Falconers are masters of interactive flying displays and entertaining anecdotes. Their bonding and knowledge of their birds of prey is unbelievable. They know exactly how to encourage the birds to present spectacular shows for your family. There is time for questions and you may even be the lucky one to hold one of the most beautiful birds on the planet.

Your group joins the audience for the 40 minute flying display at 12.30pm or 3.00pm, your 30 minute talk follows, making education fun with a fascinating flow on the characteristics, hunting methods and habitats of each bird under discussion. Free to groups – please phone 01803 712598 to book.

Falconry Flying Displays

The breathtaking aerial displays at Woodlands Falconry Centre show off the magnificent collection of Eagles, Owls, Hawks and Falconry Birds.  Our Indian Tawny Eagle has a giant wingspan of look for his great talons which are designed to snatch heavy prey. Our highly experienced Falconers have a unique knowledge of the art of Falconry and the habits of Raptors around the world. They will happily discuss the birds hunting skills, what they eat, the history of Falconry and all the questions you have ever wanted to ask about the wonderful world of Birds of Prey.

Flying Displays take place at the Falconry Centre 12.30 and 3.00pm daily Easter to end of October weather permitting. Entry to the Falconry Centre and its excellent displays are free, an added bonus to make your day out at Woodlands Family Theme Park even more special.

Currently our Falconers and birds are learning to work together. Although our displays are still running the birds are in training mode. This means the shows may not be as long or exactly as advertised. We still welcome you to the Centre to meet the birds, the Falconers and see the flying displays.

12.30pm – The Wonderful World of Owls

Watch your favourite birds of Prey soaring and swooping over the beautiful Devon countryside. Years of patient bonding with our two highly skilled Falconers has produced this wonderful display of the owls at their best. They come from the frozen steps of Russia to the heat of India and the dark forests of the north. These hunters swoop with silent wings to snatch their prey with deafly precision. You could be the lucky one to hold one of these magnificent birds on your gloved arm. The spectacular display with great takes from our Falconers will entertain all the family for forty minutes with time for questions and interactions.

3.00pm – Birds of Prey Aerobatics

Which bird can fly faster than a Ferrari? Which bird can read at 25 feet? Which bird can choose the correct coloured ball? Come to the most fascinating Birds of Prey Display in Devon and find out. The superb Falconry Centre & Flying Grounds are set at the edge of Woodland where you can relax watching this breath taking display. Our Falconers have a lifetime experience bonding and training birds of prey. They have the skills and knowledge to make the 40 minute display captivating, funny and full of interest. A not to be missed experience for all the family.