Spring’s Blessings: Welcoming New Arrivals to Woodlands Zoo Farm

Springtime at Woodlands Zoo Farm is a season of celebration and renewal, marked by the arrival of adorable newborns that add to the charm of this farm.

Holly’s Arrival

A tiny, fluffy bundle was born at Woodlands Zoo Farm on April 10th, stealing the hearts of visitors and staff alike. Named Holly, this adorable pygmy goat quickly became a beloved member of the zoo’s community, thanks to the thoughtful suggestion made by followers on Instagram and Facebook. Holly’s playful antics and gentle nature have brought smiles to all who have had the pleasure of meeting her, reminding us of the magic of new life during the spring season.

April’s New Additions:

In addition to Holly’s arrival, April saw the birth of two other delightful lambs, contributing to the buzz and vitality of the season. These fluffy newcomers, along with six more adorable lambs born in the second and third week of April, have been thriving under the attentive care of the zoo’s dedicated staff. 

Rescued Ducks Find Happiness at Woodlands Zoo Farm:

In late April, the RSPCA reached out to one of our zookeepers, inquiring about the possibility of adopting some of their ducks. After careful consideration, we gladly accepted their proposal, recognizing the opportunity to provide a loving environment for these feathered friends. Now, thanks to this collaboration, the ducks have found a new lease on life, happily exploring the lush grounds of Woodlands Park. Visitors are delighted to see these once homeless ducks enjoying their freedom, gracefully gliding across the pond near the paddle boat area. 

Growing Farm Family:

The recent influx of new arrivals is just the beginning of an exciting period of growth and expansion at Woodlands Zoo Farm. With more births expected in the coming weeks, the farm’s resident population is set to increase, further enriching the visitor experience and deepening our connection to the natural world. Alongside the daytime wonders, the nocturnal residents are also welcoming new ones. From graceful ducklings to fluffy chicks, each new arrival brings its own unique charm and contributes to the vibrant life at the zoo.