HallooScream 2022

Devon Best Family Boo Days 

Woodlands Park, spooky exciting fun filled family scream park! 

Woodlands Family Theme Park is offering a family friendly fangtastic Halloween experience like no other this October half term.

From 22nd to 30th of October 2022, Woodlands is going from Family  Theme Park to Family Friendly Scream park to celebrate Halloween!

Treat your little pumpkins to eery Halloween surprises. With dazzling decorations to eerie sites and sounds, Woodlands Park is the No.1 day out this Half-Term for you and your spooky family!

Halloo Scream

More details on our Halloween events coming soooooon!! Keep up to date with us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to hear more!

What’s On

Where is Marty??? Marty has mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the night! It was a full moon! Where is Marty?

Walk through the Manor and experience mysterious surprises around every eerie corner and find clues to where Marty might have gone!

Spooky creatures have inhabited his spooky manor!

Muster up your courage and enter the Haunted Manor but first, you will need to trek through the creepy cave.

*This is a FREE spooky experience!

Ride the Tractors of the Woodlands Ghost Farm and hear the spine-tingling ghosts whizzing past you as you drive around the deserted farm on your very own life-sized Tractor!

Beware of the ghostly surprises along the way, try not to get too spooked.


Ghost Farm Ride Square 2020

Sssshhh don’t wake the residents up!

Try not to scream as you tip toe past the forgotten Gravestones.

Read the Gravestones as you creep around to find out what really happened at the Ghostly Graveyard.

Ghostly Graveyard Square

Enter at your own peril!

Enter the Mysterious Maze at Woodlands Family Theme Park!

Trek under the moonlight as you attempt to escape the mysterious maze and its creepy monsters!