The quiet end of Woodlands Park, enjoy the storybook land of Fantasi Forest and the make believe wildlife in this magical wood. The storyboards around the trail will ignite your imagination and open up a world of mystical mayhem.


As if by magic a Wizards Palace has appeared  beside the Enchanted Pool In the new Fantasi Forest Attraction at Woodlands Family Theme Park. With a fun Eco theme, kids can turn the cogs of the Muncha Cruncha Machine in the Witches Cottage and magically turn litter into toys. They can discover the Trolls Lair with its weird passages and interactive games, the Strange Upside Down House and wiz down slides in the Goblins Tower.

Golden Pond

Stocked with Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Golden Orfe, its fascinating to watch them gather at feeding time. Rainbow Trout average about 20 to 30 inches, but can grow as long as 4 feet (1.2 meters) and weigh up to 53 pounds (24 kg) – can you spot the big boy?

Golden Orfe grow to around 18″ in length. Orfe are fast swimmers and need a lot of oxygen so spend most of the time near the surface of the pond. These yellowish-orange colored fish are quick moving and are sociable fish, they can be seen darting around the surface of the pond as a shoal.

Becky’s Pool

Becky’s Pool and the other two lakes are teeming with wild creatures, fish & insects. Dragon Flies skim over the water, they can fly at more than 20 mph. and the powerful Dragon Fly Nymphs lurk below grabbing an unsuspecting tadpole or small fish.

Laura’s Wood Wildlife Sanctuary

Away from the hustle and bustle of the action park discover the peace and quiet of the ancient woodland. Discover that learning about Devon Wildlife is fun with the Woodlands Wildlife & Conservation Panels.

From the first snowdrops to primroses, from the wonderful drifts of Bluebells to the cherry blossom – spring is perfect in the tranquil woodland. The Wildlife Sanctuary is a joy for Birdwatchers who may catch a glimpse of the elusive Kingfisher, a Heron fishing or the Treecreeper busy on an Oak Tree trunk.

Pedal Boats

Take a break from the action and have a quiet pedal around Monks Pool.  It’s so peaceful you will be rejuvenated, especially if someone else is doing the pedaling!
Health & Safety: Min 90cm – 110cm accompanied. 2-4 rides only.

The Pedal Boats are not open during our Winter Fun or Off Peak Term Time Seasons.

Triple Zip Slides

Zip down the wire, the original adrenaline rush – we still love it!

Monks Cave

What is now Woodlands Family Theme Park, Dartmouth was once the grounds of a local mansion, Oldstone.  During the mid 13th century Oldstone belonged to the monks of Torre Abbey who owned extensive lands in Blackawton.  One monk lived as a hermit in a cave and local villagers brought food to leave outside the cave for him, but they were afraid to enter the grounds after dark.  It is still very eerie near the Monks Cave after dark.

Fantasi Forest Pedal Boats

Fantasi Forest Pedal Boats

Fantasi Pedal Boats Lake

Fantasi Pedal Boats Lake