Woodlands Winter Next Day Free

Hi Woodlands Buddies,

I’ve just been told about Woodlands fantastic winter offer where you get to come one day then return the next for only £1.00. Sounds pretty good to me. One day you can play in the massive Empire which is my home then the next, go and see all the animals at the farm. Even though it’s winter and the Water rides are closed there is still so much to do at Woodlands. But with 2 days here you may just be able to fit it all in.

Well I need to get back to wrapping all my Christmas Presents as I’m finding it quite tricky as my dragon hands are quite big and getting covered in sellotape and glitter.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & I hope to see you at the park this winter.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Keep Cool

Seawood the Sea Dragon.

P.S I know it’s a bit complicated so click here for all the terms & conditions & dates.