Jubilee Celebrations

Hello Woodlands Buddies! We’ve had such a wonderful Jubilee weekend, I hope you all had a great time! We’ve had pitch parties up at the campsite and a Disco down in my Empire of the Sea Dragon.  You’ll never guess who came to my disco – my best friend Ben from Palm FM!

We started off the disco with some dancing – which I’m sure you all know is one of my FAVOURITE things!  All Sea Dragons love to dance. Then we played some party games and Ben gave out lots of Woodlands prizes.

We had a costume parade with some amazing Princesses and even a king (although his crown was not as shiny as mine!). Then Ben gave out even more Woodlands goodies to the winners and we all played some Royal Games.

Music High, a tribute to High Scholl Musical, Glee and Hannah Montana, came to join in the celebration and performed some amazing routines. They even let me get a photo with them, I think I’ll put it up on my wall at home in the Empire. All the photos will be on our Facebook page, you can post your photos on our wall too – I’d love to see them J

Keep Cool