Back to School

Hi Woodlands Buddies, The park is a lot quieter today as you are all back to school. I hope everyone who has started school for the first time or changed to a new school is having great fun and learning lots of new things.

In the office today lots of packages have been arriving at the park but I’ve not been allowed to open them. I think they’re full of Halloween & Fright Night goodies. I will try and get a sneak peak later on and let you all know.

Well I think I am going to go and have some fun in the Empire of the Sea Dragon and see what everyone is getting up to. I may even be brave and go down one of the big drop slides.

See you all soon. I hope you make it to Woodlands at the weekend.

ps.  I just can’t wait to see whats in these parcels, I’m going to have to just open a corner!

Keep Cool