A Dragon meets a Famous Dragon

Hi Woodlands Buddies, you wouldn’t believe who I met on Tuesday 16th August 2011. I know it was a few days ago but I have been so excited flapping my wings about it I forgot to let you all know.

Well myself, and my friend Sally went down to Plymouth’s Drake Circus to spend some time with Peppa Pig & George but what we didn’t expect was to meet a very famous Dragon from off the TV.

I met the one and only Deborah Meaden from BBC’s Dragons Den. I gave her one of my trotting Dragons. She said she would invest in me anytime so my miniature dragons must have made a good impression. Thinking back I have to admit she didn’t look like a Dragon and I definitely couldn’t see any wings, maybe she is a magical dragon one I have never met before.

It was a great a day out and it was fantastic to meet Deborah. I do hope she comes to see me at Woodlands Family Theme Park when she’s next in Devon.

Well best go and see what’s going on in the Empire it’s quite busy today with all the arrivals coming for Woodlands Grove Campsite.

Keep Cool!  S.W.D