Empire of the Sea Dragon Indoor Zone

The biggest indoor play area in the UK, this is more than a radical Fun Factory it’s a whole world of nonstop play for all ages. When the sky opens up and the weather doesn’t play nice this is the perfect activity for a rainy day in Devon, plus once it stops you have the rest of the theme park at your fingertips!

With 5 floors of indoor adventure play there’s never ending fun for all the kids, slides, rope bridges, swings and more.

Adventure Play

If you are looking for adventures with the Wow factor, the Empire has the biggest Wow you have ever experienced. 5 floors up there are net towers that almost disappear they are so high. Hide from your buddies in sky scraping towers, disappear over net bridges and flash down skimming slides. Climb, swing and balance; this place is built for you to have mega fun with your best mates and don’t forget Mum and Dad, they can join in too.

Major Slides

Wow! These are slides to make your hair stand on end. Race your buddies on the six lane frenzy of the Barracuda, or feel the 40ft of negative G of the Deep G dive, it’s a stomach churner. Or choose the twin tubes of the Sea Serpent it will twist you round and spit you out till your toes curl. Don’t miss the tingle making Triple Drop slide, just take your heart out of your mouth when you crunch down, it’s that good.  There’s more slides for big kids and little slides that are perfect for smallies. The Empire has all the slides you need for a great play indoors.

Empire of the Sea Dragon Indoor Slides

 Ice Palace

Far enough away from big brother little ones can play safely at their own pace in the beautifully designed Ice Palace. Outside the colourful soft play centre the cartoon King Penguin is waiting with the Prince and Princess to measure little ones entering the world of Penguin Play.

In the Toddler side even the tiniest child (maximum height 95cm) can discover perfect play designed to stretch their imaginations and bodies. Children up to 125cms run to the Junior side to discover shapes to tumble over, steps to climb up and slides to slip down. There’s small ball pools and interactive play to stimulate and encourage, but most of all its fun for toddler and parent.

Ice Palace Little Ones Soft Play Area

Trauma Tower

Without question this is the best indoor ride in Devon, once you’re strapped in there’s no going back.  This hair raiser hauls you up 50ft, there’s a terrible pause as you hang in mid air and then you are dropped like a stone. You have to grab your stomach which is still at the top as you shoot up again and face the fear of falling.Go on scream, it’s not finished with you yet – this is the indoor ride which keeps you coming back to Woodlands.

Safety Code:- Minimum height 110cm.

Trauma Tower

Ferris Wheel Ride

If you want to see the heights of the Empire climb into a dragons egg and gently whirl round on this cute ride. Perfect for little ones it gives that daring feeling as they look down on everyone playing below them, cuddle up to Mum in the safety of your egg and wave to Dad as he whizzes down the giant slides. Real sweet fun.

Safety Code: 80cm – 110cm accompanied. Maximum height 140cm. Max 12 stone weight limit.

Ferris Wheel Ride

The Submarine Ride

This is an exhilarating ride for kiddies as they get into their sub and whirl round in a blaze of lights. It catches you out as it shoots up and down unexpectedly and takes your breath away. Don’t expect big thrills on this ride but it is just right for little one looking for their first thrill.

Safety Code: Minimum height 80cm. Maximum height 140cm.

The Submarine Ride

Rays Diner Cafe

Rays Diner is situated on the middle floor of the Empire of the Sea Dragon so you don’t have to stop playing for long to grab a meal. Good value meals in a family friendly atmosphere. Sit and have a hot or cold drink keeping watch over the balcony whilst the kids burn off their energy.

Sea Dragon, Sea Horse, Sea Serpent & Sea Gorgon Birthday Rooms

Ideal to celebrate an adult or child birthday. End of term, new school, finished exams? All good reasons for a fun get together at Woodlands Family Theme Park. To book call 01803 712598. Please visit our Birthday Parties page for more information.