Cyclone Canyon Zone

Cyclone Canyon Zone

Meet up with your buddies in the wildest zone at Woodlands. There’s rides that thrill and a cute ride for little ones. You can let your imagination go wild as you interact in Golden Bear City where the old Wild West comes alive. Drop into Loves Grove Café for a tasty bite or pick an ice-cream from the Purple Shack. 
Cyclone Canyon has all the attractions a family needs for a great day out.

21. The Sidewinder Water Coaster

The Sidewinder Water Coaster
Safety Code: Min 90 cm

Choose this water ride first out of the 3 watercoasters. It’s radically different to any other Watercoaster in the UK. Hold your breath and hold on as the Sidewinder snakes underground into a twisting tunnel of black. Hold on tight and beware the venomous twist at the end of the snake’s tail. You won’t find a ride like it - we’re sure it will be your favourite ride in Devon. 

21. The Rapids Water Coaster

The Rapids Water Coaster
Safety Code: Min 90 cm

This ride is a sneaky deceiver. Ok it looks steep when you climb in the boat at the top. When you are sitting on a 45ft cliff edge you realise this is a mean ride. Free falling it’s gasp time as you feel the G force, you have only the boat to hang on to.  It’s laugh time when you are down and rushing back to have another go.

21. The Twister Water Coaster

The Twister Water Coaster
Safety Code: Min 90 cm

More than a ride this is an experience. The mighty Twister has green and yellow coils which hide the sheer fear of the 450ft water shoot. Clinging to your dinghy as it spins and turns, your body feels the G Force of the 150ft spin. You will definitely queue up for more. This is a great ride but don’t just take it from us try it for yourself.

23. The Tornado Toboggan Run

The Tornado Toboggan Run
Safety Code: Min 90 cm

Designed by us to give the max panic mode, this 500 metre beast is hard to tame. Facing the steep at the beginning is scary enough but hang on tight as you skim into the chicanes & break the thrill barrier. With only a brake between you and oblivion - will you make it to the end of the track?

22. Dizzy Dune Buggies

Dizzy Dune Buggies
Safety Code: Min 90 cm

This is a cool cute ride for little kids to enjoy with Mum & Dad. It’s not just a little roundabout, it jumps shudders and makes everyone laugh. This is a great fun ride which makes everyone happy to have another go.

19. Golden Bear City

Golden Bear City
Safety Code: Min 110 cm

A completely unique experience for the family. As you pass under the Golden Bear City sign you can see the old Wild West Pioneer Town is different to anywhere else. Where else would you see a red school house with real desks inside or a Blacksmiths with bellows or a Wild West Saloon with a stage you can act on. There is a white church, a bank and a jail all with interactive play inside. There are even  Native American Tepees’. A not to be missed shared attraction. GoldenBear Citybooks tell the wonderful tales of Golden Bear, Prairie Pete and all their friends who live in the town.

20. Loves Grove Cafe

Loves Grove Cafe

Nestled under the trees between Golden Bear City and the Watercoasters is Loves Grove Café.  As you would expect at the most exciting family day out in Devon we offer value for money hot & cold meals and snacks for the whole family.  This is the ideal spot to watch all the harum scarum fun of the dinghies flying down the Watercoasters.

There are ice cream kiosks at various locations throughout Woodlands Family Theme Park.