Full Ride Listing

If you are looking for the best rides in Devon come to Woodlands Family Theme Park. There are 16 family rides to choose from, some scary rides for big kids and some cute rides for little kids. They are so good you won’t be able to keep Mum and Dad off them.

21. The Sidewinder Water Coaster

Safety Code: Min 90 cm

Choose this water ride first out of the 3 watercoasters. It’s radically different to any other Watercoaster in the UK.  You won’t find a ride like it - we’re sure it will be your favourite ride in Devon. 

21. The Rapids Water Coaster

The Rapids Water Coaster
Safety Code: Min 90 cm

This ride is a sneaky deceiver. Ok it looks steep when you climb in the boat at the top. When you are sitting on a 45ft cliff edge you realise this is a mean ride. Free falling it’s gasp time as you feel the G force, you have only the boat to hang on to.  

21. The Twister Water Coaster

The Twister Water Coaster
Safety Code: Min 90 cm

More than a ride this is an experience. The mighty Twister has green and yellow coils which hide the sheer fear of the 450ft water shoot.  You will definitely queue up for more. This is a great ride but don’t just take it from us try it for yourself. 

16. Sea Dragon Swing Ship

Sea Dragon Swing Ship
Safety Code: Min 110 cm

This is an ace ride, not just a humble Swing Ship, but the best in the whole of Devon. For the scariest white knuckle experience rush for the end seats, they will give you the buzz you are looking for. Be prepared to scream wherever you sit as the G Force hits hard on this ride. It’s a cool thrill! 

23. The Tornado Toboggan Run

The Tornado Toboggan Run
Safety Code: Min 90 cm

Designed by us to give the max panic mode, this 500 metre beast is hard to tame. Facing the steep at the beginning is scary enough but hang on tight as you skim into the chicanes & break the thrill barrier. With only a brake between you and oblivion - will you make it to the end of the track? 

55. Avalanche Ride

Avalanche Ride
Safety Code: Min 140 cm

There are no tricks on this ride. It looks a thrill breaker and it is. Sitting on a plastic tray you are projected down a precipice at 50 kilometres an hour. It feels like you will tip over into space but you hit the water at the bottom and you are safe. Grab your tray and run for another go, there isn’t a ride anywhere else quite like this.

56. Arctic Gliders

Arctic Gliders
Safety Code: Min 110 cm

This ride is a laugh. But don’t let the blue and red stripes fool you into thinking this is just for little kids. You have to hang on hard it’s a long steep slope. The water carries you fast and you scream all the way down its fun and you will laugh all the way back up the hill to go again.

12. Trauma Tower

Trauma Tower
Safety Code: Min 110 cm

Without question this is the best indoor ride in Devon, once you’re strapped in there’s no going back.  This hair raiser hauls you up 50ft, there’s a terrible pause as you hang in mid air and then you are dropped like a stone. You have to grab your stomach which is still at the top as you shoot up again and face the fear of falling.

Go on scream, it’s not finished with you yet - this is the indoor ride which keeps you coming back to Woodlands.